Roger Harvey of White Wives’ Best Albums Of 2011

Roger Harvey of White Wives, Best Albums Of 2011 (with fav tracks)

1. Dig Up The Dead by Mansions *Track 5, “Call me when it’s over” 2. Proper by Into It. Over It.*Track 10, “Where your nights often end”3. Between The Concrete And The Clouds by Kevin Devine*Track 6, “11-17”

4. Separation by Balance & Composure*Track 10, “Echo” 5. Lissie – Covered Up With Flowers *Track 5, “The Ship Song” 6. Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra*Track 1, “Deer”

7. Civilian by Wye Oak *Track 5, “Civilian” 8. The People’s Key by Bright Eyes*Track 8, “Beginner’s Mind” 9. All Eternal’s Deck by The Mountain Goats*Track 10, “Outer Scorpion Squadron” 10. Self-titled by Bon Iver*Track 3, “Holocene”

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