Who is Rihanna Calling a ‘Racist C-Word’?

With all the Twitter feuds/fighting going on lately, it doesn’t come to a surprise that another has emerged – and that Rihanna is involved. The Barbados born beauty, who is known for her racy lyrics and videos, is also known for her sharp tongue… especially on Twitter!

Rihanna, who is getting ready to play a string of shows in the UK, performing at London’s O2 Arena from December 20 to 22nd, encountered a fellow hotel guest in Lisbon who verbally attacked her. RiRi took her Twitter to vent about the “most racist” man, saying:

“I just met the most racist c–t EVER!!! This man said the craziest shit abt black women called us dogs, sluts, we don’t look like shit, we…”

Yikes! Not very nice to say those things sir. But then again RiRi, not very nice language!

The racist man picked the wrong person to mess with: RiRi is no stranger to speaking her mind on Twitter. Just last week, she and a “fan” had a Twitter fight when the fan attacked Rihanna and called her “weak” and “stupid” for allegedly tweeting to Chris Brown. And RiRi is also no stranger to vulgar language – bad combination!

Wrong move.

Do you think Rihanna’s outburst and venting was rational? Could she have vented about the situation in a better manner, or do you think what she did was what anyone would (and should) do?