Red Carpet Etiquette

When I think of the red carpet, I automatically think of style and grace. glamour and looking picture perfect also comes to mind….

As a fashion designer, I’m always looking at red carpet styles–I not only look at trends but I look at how celebs wear them. How you carry yourself is a big part of style that people overlook.

After looking at various photos the three main poses I noticed on the carpet that were rather ANNOYING were:

1) “kiss face” or “duck face” – it’s not only a facebook face hahah

2) The “foot pop”

3) The peace sign


Kicking up the heel

Peace out

I can’t complain about it because I MUST admit that I’m also an offender yikes!

Do you think any of these poses are ugly or unflattering? Should there be an official red carpet etiquette or should it just be fun and playful?

XO Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari