Real Life Style Inspiration: Anett Brownstone

This week’s style inspiration is the fabulous Anett Brownstone! She’s a super awesome Rock & Roll gal currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. Anett finds a lot of her inspiration in music of 80’s and 90’s (hard rock, heavy metal, grunge and glam metal)…Guns N’ Roses being her favorite music artist. I was so intrigued by Anett because she’s not the kind of girl who is into girly clothes, dresses and skirts…she simply doesn’t think they suit her. And surprisingly enough, she really isn’t even that much into fashion…the fashion world is something unknown to her. For example, she chooses to wear stylish Converse merely because they are the most comfortable to her. In the future she would love to travel around the USA in vain and work in the music business (not as an artist). Oh and her favorite color is black…but isn’t it obvious??