Question of the Day: Who pays for dinner on a first date?

I am not really sure how I should start this QOTD without sounding like I am from some strange pre-history where outdated ideals intrude upon on the plains of life like prairie dogs poking their heads out of the sands of time. I am also going to leave out things like gender identities, bodies, and so on and so forth –

Since I am a gay (and this is my personal experience), it feels like it is a tad easier to just split whatever bill for nomz, drinks, or whatever fun time activities are done on date nights. I cannot speak for all of the gays because I don’t know them all (weird, right?).

For the straighties, it still seems like there is some confusion about who pays for what on a first date. Some people say that “the male” pays. Some say that if you invite someone (regardless if you are a man or a woman), you pay. There is a saying in the Spanish that goes “Te invitas, te pagas.” I like that saying. I usually go by that unless the colt in my bevy feels like they absolutely must pay for half and then I will allow it.

Anymews, what are your thoughts? Speak your mind on the matter. Make it rain (with comments). Go!

Who pays for dinner on a first date?