Question of the Day: What new things did you discover this year?

Hello Buzznet.

I have missed you all in that weird way that I miss you all. Since it’s the holidays, I am taking max time away from computer. I think my computer steals my soul in bits and pieces and it’s weird. It makes me feel like the bad dudes that melt in that one scene in Indian Jones and the Ark of w/e.

I’ve used this before. Enjoy!

Maybe we need to wash that image out of your head with something a little more Buzznet-y:

Do you feel better now? I hope so.

Anyway, staying at home and indoors kind of makes me feel the same way. Well, like the Indy gif. I kind of feel like blah. Like a melty puddle of idek what. You all need to make me feel like puppies and cats today.

So. A lot has happened this year, right? Did I miss anything? I probably did because I never really listen/read. I mean, I do but there is so much to get through that I miss some stuff. I try.

You can talk about anything for today’s Q. It can be things that you learned about yourself (which we did already but who cares), music, movies, friends, N E THING. It’s a discovery party. Let us to rock out. Go!

What new things did you discover this year?

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