Question of the Day: Le 2011 Survey

I like questionnaires. Since I have all the time in the world (not really), they kind of break up the humdrum of the day. They give my brain a chance to not stare at the awful the things I have to delete that people post on this site and I get to think about kittens. I like kittens.


Since this year is almost over, I like to ask you questions about how your year has been. I steal questions from internet. Most noteably, Tumblr. That’s okay though, right? I mean, we are just asking each other questions about stuff.

Here you go:

  1. Which bands did you see live this year (that you liked or hated because they were openers, w/e)
  2. Make any friends?
  3. Lose any friends?
  4. Did your style change at all? How so?
  5. Did you stay single or get a partner? Deets plz. Tell me about the love I will never know.

That’s not so many questions. Feel free to explain things or just answer yes/no/maybe so. Entertain me while I am at work. DANCE I SAY!


Cats provided by: Jane