Project.Inspire.21 #21 featuring Irene

Can’t stop to thank you my dear Yong Yi

Love you so much

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“Good friends are like stars… You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.”Anonymous

Audrey KitchingDuring the period of my life where I started to change myself and finally become who I always wanted to be, came Audrey with her style and her strength! I think she’s one of the smartest persons in the world and she taught me to be myself and it doesn’t matter if your hair is pink or you have a point of view that is completely different from others. What you can’t buy is your style and this is who you are and you can change it!

I know how much she works and how much she loves what she does. She is a role model for all the people who do not have an aim in their life, for all the people who think that life is easy, and for those who think that if you are cute you can go anywhere. This is so wrong because beauty isn’t only what is outside us but also inside us!

She is the perfect example of a not-so-easy life and the strength she has inside her is something of indescribable. I wish I could have only half of her strength.

I would so much can meet her of person, one day– this is one of my deepest dreams. I hope I can say to her how important she is in my life and I thank her for all the advices she gave me.

Hanna Beth

With her sweetness she makes me feel happy and better every moment. I never thought to know her and to talk to her almost every day, share stuff and emotions and my life with her. I feel her as a friend even though I never met her but I know she’s a pure soul and her heart is so huge and many people love her as their family and their closest friends! She’s true and there’s no lie in her! She works really hard and she is a girl who wants to be herself and enjoys with her friends and I really envy her for what she does and for her meetings with friends. I have no one here in my city and it’s so sad I couldn’t go out with friends, go shopping and have fun. I can only be glad a couple of times during the year when I see the friends I have around Italy and maybe someday I can see the others in the rest of the world really soon.

She taught me that the simplicity is the key of the life and you haven’t to trust to the people but only of yourself and to be proud for what you do every day.

Written by: Irene (Italy)