Pledge To Support World AIDS Today, And Receive A Free Song From The Killers

Today is December 1st which has two main connotations – the first day of advent, and World AIDS Day. The latter isn’t the one people think of first, even though it should be. I confess that when I woke up this morning my first thought was about chocolate, I didn’t remember the true significance of the date until I saw somebody with a red ribbon pinned to their jumper. It was that moment that my mind went “Oh”. But I still didn’t really know what to do or how to mark the day so I simply felt guilty for forgetting to hunt down a ribbon this year, and then went back to what I was doing before – listening to Christmas songs.

If you like me were enjoying festivites instead of thinking of global health issues, you may want to know that you can link those two activites together. How? By pledging to (RED) and ONE‘s (2015) Quilty which is campaigning for an end to AIDS. After designing your own virtual patch, you are given a “thank you” gift in the form of one of six available Christmas songs by The Killers – all of which are available on a charity EP for (RED).

Many celebrities and musicians have pledged to join the cause ranging from the Jonas Brothers to Justin Bieber to Pete Wentz to Snow Patrol, but you shouldn’t need celebrity endorsements (or free music for that matter) to persuade you to sign up in support of the fight against AIDS. So upload a patch to the quilt, and accept your free song and remember the date for next year so that unlike me, you can be prepared to make a pledge.

Here’s the new video for The Killers’ The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball which you can download for free if you join the quilt, like I did. I’m panel #19224.