Photo Diary: Mexico

Guys! I finally went through the pictures from Mexico City. Let the photo blog begin.


The first day we were there I dragged my dad to La Lagunilla, a market which apparently is not the type of place tourists are supposed to go to. Some locals spotted us and ominously warned that we “looked too different” and should leave, as police were recently killed there, yadda yadda. But i got a hat and a Santa costume for my dog, so I enjoyed it!

Pyramids! Me at the pyramids!

I climbed the big one.

More shopping, at a cute little shop I forgot the name of in La Rosa (the Silverlake of Mexico City):

Mmm, fake food. By the end of the trip, the idea of tacos seemed nauseating.

Best stripper shoes in the city, in a GIANT shoe market in La Lagunilla. This is where I purchased my ridiculously high/fabulous Union Jack boots. Much to my disappointment, though, the prices were no more reasonable than in LA (possibly even more expensive).

The Two Fridas, at El Museo del Arte Moderno.

This is a room in Chapultepec Castle, where love and beauty live. Every room is breathtaking!

Chapultepec Castle again. I cry.

More Chapultepec. I think perhaps this is what heaven looks like.


Pretty pink shrines and things at the gift shop in El Museo del Arte Popular, which turned out not to have any Andy Warhol or Jeff Koons, as I expected, but in fact was a museum of handcrafts and folk art. Very different, but still worth going to.

We were on a boat. This is my dad on said boat, eatin’ a chili-covered apple!

Cheesy chili mango-y deliciousness.

My brother Tim showed up unexpectedly to surprise me on Thanksgiving. I was happy. This is me and him looking facial-hair-appropriate as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, at La Casa Azul, Frida’s home.

A beautiful quote on Frida Kahlo from Diego Rivera.

Where Diego and Frida painted in their home. It’s a bewitching place, full of art, and beautiful things, and oozing with passion. I fell madly in love with Frida as a woman and an artist. I know her marriage was tumultuous, and I’m not exactly counting the minutes ’til I find my future husband, but the idea of such intensely creative, highly passionate people living together, creating together, and loving each other strikes me as so inspiring. Things to think about.

That was our last day. There, I did it! It was a spectacular trip. Now all the other things I need to catch up on posting!