Is Patrick Stump Producing Vampire Diaries Star Kat Graham’s Long-Awaited Album?

Yesterday Patrick Stump announced that after a year of touring, he was to return to production work but he kept who he was working with a secre although soon after, Kat Graham revealed that she was in the studio with him via her Twitter. Coincidence, I think not. Just call me Sherlock.

So what exactly are they working on? Well, nothing has been confirmed but perhaps Patrick Stump could be putting the finishing touches to The Vampire Diaries actress’ album which was first discussed waaaay back last year. What will it sound like? According to Kat herself, her debut should sound like “old school Janet with a modern production behind it”. Seeing a connection yet? Well we all know that Patrick Stump is no stranger to combining Jackson’s influence with futuristic vibes, and that he understands the woes of album delays more than most, so the couple (who share a love of David Bowie’s fashion sense) seem the perfect musical. Having said all this, this may just be a cameo appearance. Good luck with whatever it is you two are up to anyway!

What do you think will be the end result of this collaboration?

Are you excited to see them working together?