New Music from The Used Coming Soon!

Hopeless Records is excited to announce that we have partnered with The Used and their label, Anger Music Group to release their highly anticipated album, Vulnerable.

In a statement the band said,

The Used are proud to announce the birth of Anger Music Group. Anger Music Group is an all inclusive art production company. We have teamed up with Hopeless Records for the release of our new record Vulnerable. We can’t wait for you to hear it! Love, The Used

Recently, Alternative Press had a chance to sit down with the band’s front man Bert McCracken to discuss the progression and inspiration for the album.

We’ve been working on this record for so long, stories continue to change. Last March, I fell off the stage, and it was a huge, huge disaster. I broke my elbow, I broke my hand, I had two surgeries. I was really down for the count for three months—I couldn’t do anything but eat pain pills and get addicted to pain pills again and become fat. [Laughs.] After a couple of months, after I started to get better, I realized, “Holy shit, I haven’t done anything creative in months.” I got on this really positive inspirational kick. The record came out very positive, actually.

It’s been three years since the band has released any new music, but McCracken assures fans this is the best music they have ever recorded.

I swear to God, no one’s going to be let down. It’s the best music the Used have ever made. All of the anticipation and waiting will be well worth it.

Brand new songs off Vulnerable will be released in January! Can’t WAIT!

Are you excited for new music from The Used? What has been your favorite release of theirs so far?