New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Promises the End of the Legend (Updated with Embedded Video!)

So, today Warner Brothers released the second trailer for The Dark Knight Rises onto the Internet.

And just. Guys. I don’t know that I can be coherant here. Because the final film in Nolan’s trilogy looks like it is going to be absolutely MIND-BLOWING.

It’s not like I expected anything else, but still.

I mean, yes, we get some great footage, but we don’t really get any answers. The trailer does what it’s meant to do: tease us into NEEDING to see this movie. I mean, yes, it does give us more of Tom Hardy as Bane and a hint at what his motives are.

And a very appropriate ballroom scene with Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle giving us some idea of Catwoman’s motivations in this film. And it looks like in this case, Catwoman is some kind of anti-hero for the economically oppressed? I don’t even know!

Oh, and Bane destroys a football field during a game. I knew they were filming this bit in Pittsburgh over the summer, but I didn’t realize how big the sequence was going to be.

Also, can I just say how surreal it is to see my city standing in for Gotham City in this movie? It’s WEIRD.

Between this and the release of the prologue for the movie, how exactly DO they expect us to wait until next summer to see this? Huh?

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