The Monster Goes Rawrr Follow The Trend With Their New Video #ihaveablackbeltinawesome

The Monster Goes Rawrr!! have become the latest band to take influence from Twitter when titling their music. Following on from Cobra Starship, Wallpaper and Will.I.Am who named his album #willpower (which left me a little bemused), the Australian powerpop quarter have released a video for their latest single #ihaveablackbeltinawesome.

The video plays as if it were the illegimate child of Cobra Starship and All Time Low, and the same could probably be said about the song itself. If you like comic book style captions and guys dancing in their underwear, you’ll probably like this. And yes, there really are guys dancing in their underwear – I didn’t just say that to make you press play, you perverts.

What do you think of the video?