The Midnight Beast Parody Harry Potter With New Song “Wands”

Few pop culture phenomenons have escaped the Midnight Beast’s attention. The London trio have sung parodies of just about everything ranging from parliament to pizza, boybands to booty calls but now the wannabe witches and wizards of the world get their very own ‘tribute’ with “Wands”. It’s an analogy to knife crime in gangs, but this is from The Midnight Beast so don’t expect a moral message (remember when they were on the front page of the METRO for their contraception ‘advice’?). You can watch it below but note that it’s NSFWOH (That’s Not Suitable For Work Or Hufflepuffs).

Oh and guess what? You can download it for free too.

In other TMB news, if you’re free in East London during 12th-17th December 2011 and you’re between 18-25, you’re WANTED for a casting call for their upcoming E4 TV series.

So what do you think, does it beat The Station’s “Like It’s Quidditch”?