A Lovely Sunday Before My Bday!

To stay two days without Buzznet is like to be without air for me, I know, I missed from here a few days and I would like to apologize with all of you, but I’ve been damn busy, my bday is around a corner and I’m going back and forth for the last details, for to search the last Xmas gifts for my friends and also I’ve been two days without sleep ignoring the reason 🙁

By the way, now I’m here, listening Femme Fatale and writing this post.

Yesterday my parents and I have been to my sponsors at confirmation, Virginia and Matteo, for to celebrate Matteo’s bday! Even though he was born my same day, they decided to celebrate him yesterday so also other their friends (which we are spending Xmas too) could to be there and we are planning to go in Austria, next week for see Xmas kiosks and spend another lovely day together.

It’s been a really cute day and we ate a lot, Virginia always cooks for an army XD

Can’t wait to see them again on December 8th, for my launch bday all together!

We also spending New Year’s Eve together, finally I have to say! We planned to do it together already for two years, but we never could, but this year is different! And I’m so happy about this!

There is nothing more good to spend time with people you love!

Matteo & I

My mommy, Matteo, I and Virginia

Matteo & my daddy

This afternoon my parents and I decorate our house in Xmas style and the tree too! Usually we always do it after my bday but this year we decided to do it before! Awww my Hello Kitty Xmas Tree *_*

I hope you had a great weekend and I wish to all of you an amazing new week too!

Love you my Buzzneters