Is Khloe Kardashian REALLY for Peta?

Animals + Fashion: Do you know what you’re supporting?

I hear so many people talk about being “against fur” People are so adamant that they are offended by those who wear fur. I even got comments on my last post about campaign photos saying that FUR was more offensive than photos implying teen drug use, promiscuous behavior, and rape. I’m curious to know if you are aware that most high end bags and shoes are made out of leather. Accessories like wallets, belts, and hats are also made from fur or leather. many different kinds of animals are used for this such as baby calf, Crocodile skin, python or ostrich.

We all remember when Khloe Kardashian did her Peta campaign. Peta is against using animals in the clothing trade industry. HOWEVER I see photos on blogs all the time of Khloe wearing designer leather bags and shoes and belts.

Do you think it’s hypocritical to be anti-fur but still buy leather products?

Do you think PETA would approve of her Black Givenchy leather bag and herChristian Louboutin Crocodile scale-like mosaic of metallic leather hand-sewn on crepe satin. What are your views on fur and animals being used in the fashion industry? Do you think Celebs do PETA ads for publicity and attention or do you think they are really supporting a cause they truly stand for?

XX Jazmin Whitley Li Cari