Jimmy Eat World Cover Wars: The Summer Set V We The Kings

Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” is undeniably an anthem. An anthem that’s been paid homage by hundreds of wannabe pop-punk bands in pubs over the last ten years. However, it’s not just the newbs who enjoy playing it as a couple of established acts have tried their hand at it too. The Summet Set dropped it into their set last night, and We The Kings previously recorded an acoustic interpretation for charity but do either match the original?

The Summer Set

Taking on an iconic track is always tough but The Summer Set don’t let it phase them. In fact, even if they f*ck it up, they’re not sorry. It was an impromptu addition to the show which resulted in a crowd karaoke, but how does it fare in your opinion?

(Source: Alter The Press!)

We The Kings

Taking a stripped back approach, We The Kings recorded an acoustic version of the track for the Take Action charity compilation last year. If you prefer it all plugged in, you can take your pick from their live videos on Youtube. It’s one of their favourite covers to perform but would you rather listen to them take on Lady Gaga?

The Orginal – Jimmy Eat World

Of course, you can rediscover the original just so that you have a comparison point. Oh and they were on Yo Gabba Gabba once which thanks to My Chemical Romance has become a relevant reference.

So which version do you like best?