Watch: Inside Courtney Love’s Closet and Townhouse!

Take a tour of Hole frontwoman and grunge icon, Courtney Love’s West Village Townhouse in New York. I absolutely love it! She has a major penchant for antiques and home decorating. The house is four stories high, with three bedrooms, five bathrooms and a prayer room. Love also has some pretty amazing keepsakes from her marriage to her late husband Kurt Cobain, including the bride and groom figurine from their wedding cake and an antique chair he gave her as a gift. Also, make sure to check out the video tour of her closet below (courtesy of Stylelist).She has definitely amassed an impressive collection of clothes over the years and I love her customized vintage dresses.

Update: Courtney Love was recently evicted from said apartment apparently due to painted and wallpapered walls without her landlord’s permission.

Behind the Clothes: Courtney Love