I’m Back – with College, Questions, and Coat Lust

Hey there fellow Buzzing bees, I am a little out of the loop from recent events, but slowly coming back to the happenings in Celebrityville. Plus I wanted to say “Haaaaay!” and chat for a bit.

I just finished my first semester of my second attempt at college (ahahaa) and I totally nailed my A’s and B’s only goal! So I have a lot more down time now. Sweeet.

How do you guys think your school grades are coming along? Good? Not so good?

Speaking of not so good, my house was burglarized by a couple that I knew for about a year. That was kind of a slap from reality – trust no one. You know, other than your besties! And while these two people were grabbing my Playstation 3 and laptop my so called “attack” cats were not doing their jobs.

Instead of doing this:

they were probably still doing stuff like this:

Anyhow they’re in the process of being handled by our fine police force here and that’s what they get for effin’ with the wrong bitch.

So naturally the next prgoression would be for me to get the flu. I’m still fighting the battle, but the worst is over with. (whew!)

Thanks to all of that combined I missed a few Celebrity of the Week and other posts, but blogging shall now resume for those of you who even take intrest in my posts ahahaaha!!

I’ve also recently found myself completely obsessed with “Into the Fire” by Thirteen Senses:

Oh, and speaking of obsessed – since I live in Florida and it only gets cold here for a few weeks out of the year I have been loving these cold fronts lately because that means coat weather! I am totally completely utterly obsessed with coat weather so I give you a visual assortment of my current Coat Lusts:

I am completely diggin’ Angelina Jolie‘s coat there. Is that Saint John? (I kid, I kid.)

So new and exciting things are going on in your lives? Pray tell!

Also, riddle me this: Which celebrities would you like to see more coverage of?

xoxlove you guys!– sylvs