Happy Birthday Zach from Allstar Weekend: Time to Party Like It IS Your Birthday!

It’s December 10th, which means it’s time to party for Zach from Allstar Weekends 22nd birthday!! Since he parties like it’s NOT his birthday year round, I wonder how he’ll be celebrating the big day?! I also wonder how many times he’ll hear that joke today… In honor of his birthday, I am of course hosting an Allstar Weekend dance party but I thought that here on Buzznet I’d list 5 awesome things about Zach!

1. He’s 1/3 of one of Buzznet’s favorite bands, Allstar Weekend. Of course! When the band visited the Buzznet office earlier this year, we were totally impressed by their talent when they performed a few songs and they were super nice guys on top of it!

2. He’s hysterical! Just watch any of the video’s on the bands YouTube and witness the hilarity that ensues when Zach and the band do just about anything.

3. He helps other aspiring muscians. Zach is not only part of Allstar Weekend, but he’s also helping build the careers of several up and coming bands. He co-manages Hollywood Ending, who were a part of this season’s Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing contest and has been writing with HWE as well as other new artists.

5. He knows how to dance! I mean, I didn’t say he knows how to dance WELL but he can totally bust a move. “Dance forever” Zach!

5. He cares about his fans. All of the guys in Allstar Weekend make the extra effort to meet and hang with their fans. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or making sure they meet everyone who made it out to an event, it’s no wonder Zach and Allstar Weekend have such a dedicated fan base!

Happy Birthday Zach!!

What do you love about Zach and Allstar Weekend?