Girls with Tattoos: Yay or Nay?

BEFORE YOU READ THIS BLOG: I don’t mean to offend anyone

In MY personal opinion: to girls with visible tattoos- it looks tacky.

I think along with SO MANY fads and trends, tattoos also go out of style.

They look outdated and just awful.

I see girls getting tattoos of hearts, stars, diamonds,birds,wings, teeth, bows, butterflies, HELLOKITTY and little quotes written in script. (and so many other typical things)

personally the worst is when they have them on the chest, arms, shoulder. It’s so masculine and I don’t find it attractive.

I also think it’s very dirty looking when I see girls with tattoos all over their fingers/hands

I know most people say oh but it’s something meaningful, but I don’t see the need in plastering yourself

When a girl puts on a gown for a gala or an evening dress she should look clean and stunning.

I think it looks like a mess when girls have tattoos and they are trying to dress up for an event.

it looks sloppy, tacky, and messy.

The last thing young girls probably think about when they are getting tattoos is how they would look in a wedding dress.

If you think about the bigger picture, it’s more than just trying to stay in style or fit in- you are marking your body for life.

(Yes I know you can get them removed later on, but it’s painful and it leaves scars)

What are your views?

Brides with tattoos

Brides with no tattoos

Stay Classy 😉


Jazmin Whitley