Flashback Friday: Britney Spears’ Most Memorable Onscreen Moments

Since breaking onto the scene in 1998 at the age of 16 with her first single (and most memorable video!) “Baby One More Time,” Britney Spears has since skyrocketed to international superstardom and beyond. Throughout her career, she’s graced the small screen with gigs on Disney’s MMC, How I Met Your Mother, and Will & Grace as well as the big screen in her 2001 movie Crossroads. Today Britney turns 30 years old and continues to shine bright onstage on her Femme Fatale tour.

In honor of the Princess of Pop’s birthday today, here are Britney’s most memorable onscreen appearances:


Disney Special


Britney in Hawaii



Britney Live in Las Vegas

MTV Diary

Will & Grace

How I Met Your Mother

Which of these onscreen Britney Spears moments is your favorite? If you could say anything to Britney on her birthday, what would you say?