First Gift Of My Upcoming Birthday!

I came back home from Uni and my mom said me: Look what it’s arrived! There were an evelope on my bed and I recognized that it was from my sweet friend Magdalena (superwildchild90) from Poland. She sent me MaRina album (some of you know her because she had an account here: marinaluczenko) and I’m freaking happy because I always desired to have it since I talked about it with MaRina. First because I always believed in MaRina talent, second because I think to be her only one Italian fan and third but definetly not least because I’m her friend and I really love her. When we started to know each other here on Buzznet, we became really closed in an instant and we usually could count eachothers, she is damn sweet and I hope to see her soon in concert! Magdalena sent me also MaRina autograph, awww I’m fucking happy about this! How I already said to MaRina on Twitter the album is damn great, one of the best of 2011 and one of the most awaited for me! Soon I will do a review about my fav albums of 2011, including this one too! I also said her that I’m dam happy finally her dream came true, I know how much she worked for release this album and how much passion is in it! I’m proud of her! My fav song of the album is Rainbow After Rain, I reflect myself in it a lot!

I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday, not only because it’s Britney’s bday, but also because it’s my last day at Uni for this week then I have a free week from Uni, and I can spend my bday in totally relax and spend great time with my family, really need it!

Love you so much guys