Fashion In Film Volume 13: Times Square

I’d like to introduce you all to my NEW FAVORITE MOVIE: Times Square! It’s a 1980 film starring Trini Alvarado, Robin Johnson, and Tim Curry (who I LOVE). The plot of the film essentially embodies a punk rock ethic – misunderstood youth forming a band and, through music, articulating their frustrations toward adult authority. So it’s pretty much right up my alley! It begins with two teenage runaways, living in New York City who, after escaping from a mental hospital, link up with DJ Johnny LaGuardia (Tim Curry). The two girls form an underground punk rock band, The Sleez Sisters, and become a hit with the city’s disillusioned youth.

The fashion in the film is as equally fabulous as the plot! I like to describe it as young punk or trashcan vintage. I am especially in love with Nicky Marotta’s character (played by Robin Johnson). She’s such a cool, tough-talking, husky-voiced Brooklyn kid who wears jeans and leathers and carries a loud cassette player wherever she goes. I believe the costuming of the film signifies their divergence from typical contemporary teen attire and their rebellion from normative society and social values. There’s not a single outfit that Nicky and Pammy wear that wouldn’t look fabulous today on the streets

Check out this fabulous photo gallery of the amazing fashion from the film. And while you’re at it, make sure to check out last week’s Fashion in Film for the movie ‘What a Way To Go’ HERE!