Fall Out Boy Gets FUCT In The Hall of Fame

Previously, with the help of Patrick Stump, we were told that the most recent Fall Out Boy news was that there WAS no Fall Out Boy news.

However, that has changed. Slightly. No, don’t get reunion-happy yet, fans. The news is that Fall Out Boy’s breakthrough album, From Under the Cork Tree, has been inducted into the Rock Sound Hall of Fame.

FUCT not only launched FOB into the mainstream, it contained hits like “A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me,” “Dance, Dance” and, of course, “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” This was also the album that led to Fall Out Boy’s Grammy Nomination for Best New Artist in 2006. The band’s major label debut has also certified Platinum in the UK and 2x Platinum in both the US and Canada.

In an upcoming interview with Rock Sound, FOB and Damned Things guitarist Joe Trohman says “I don’t look back at the record as much as one would think, but overall I am very proud of it. I’m stoked that so many people cared about it and it’s cool to be part of something that has meaning to people.”

Join us in re-visiting FUCT today in celebration. Oh, and tell us: What’s your favorite track from FUCT?