My Favorite Photographers: Ellen Von Unwerth

I have a serious love affair with fashion photography, I could spend hours and hours looking at magazines, or images online and my collection of photography books is starting to take up so much space that I’m definitely going to need another book shelf soon.

Today I wanted to share some images I adore from the masterly works of German Fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. Ellen is a legend in the photography world. If you aren’t familiar with her work, she has shot everyone from Claudia Schiffer to Britney Spears to Beyonce… and her work has graced the covers of magazines like Interview and Vogue. What I love about her style is the raw sexuality she finds a way to always capture, but somehow it doesn’t feel blatant. Although she does occasionally shoot in color, I prefer her black and white photos.

She is 100% on my wish list of photographers I would DIE to shoot with. (“Die” of course in the melodramatic figurative sense… It’s fashion dawling!) Get ready to be SLAIN by these images!