Dress Up With Malese Jow of Vampire Diaries

Fashion is one of the most forward ways to express your personality. Some people stick to one specific style: preppy, sporty, sophisticated, rocker, casual-beach wear, trendy, others change up their look depending on how they feel. I personally LOVE dressing up drastically different, It’s fun to be bold and daring- trying new things that feel unsafe is the fun part of fashion! My advice is to play around with your look and find out what works for you!

I recently had the pleasure of styling actress Malese Jow (known for her role as Anna in the hit TV show Vampire Diaries) for a fun photo shoot at my showroom in Los Angeles. I gave Malese some alter egos to play around with. One of her looks was very ‘old hollywood glamour’ she was chic and vintage inspired in a long sleeved dress. Her second look was a very sophisticated businessy look- consisting of a pencil skirt and blouse. Her last look was a rocker look, very edgy and sassy- she wore one of my favorite studded mini skirts from my new collection. It was great seeing her transformed into such different looks. I put everything together from hair to makeup and obviously wardrobe and accessories. I had a vision of what I wanted the 3 styles to look like and it all turned out even BETTER than I expected.

Hope you liked seeing the transformation of the three different styles! What is your favorite look on Malese?!

A big thank you to all the amazing people who worked on the team with me! Hair- Diana LomelinMakeup – Desiree Footé Photos by Bret Lemke

And a special thank you to Malese Jow!