Demi Lovato Speaks Out Against Disney Channel Eating Disorder Joke

Earlier this evening, Disney channel star Demi Lovato took to Twitter to express her appall concerning a joke made on Disney series “Shake It Up.” The show, starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman, made a joke alluding to anorexia when one character said “I could just eat you up…if I ate!” This isn’t the first time Disney has made jokes regarding eating disorders either.

Here’s what Demi had to say… (read from bottom)

Demi’s younger sister Maddie even chimed in:

It immediately sparked an uproar in the Twitter community, causing phrases like Shake It Up, Disney Channel and Stop Bullying to trend worldwide.

Disney seemed to catch wind of the controversy and made this announcement through their official public relations Twitter account:

Looks like Twitter helped right the wrongs in the world once again! But wait, there’s more! Members of the Twitter community were also upset about Demi’s comment regarding the skinniness the new cast of Disney channel programming. Her comments seemed to be aimed directly at the “Shake It Up” girls, Bella and Zendaya.

The young stars are no doubt skinny, but was it right for Demi bring that up? Just because the girls are thin, doesn’t mean they aren’t completely healthy. The comments could even be interperted as hurtful to people who are self conscious about being thin. Zendaya’s father spoke out on Twitter:

Do you agree with what Demi said? Were her comments too harsh?

Screen Caps courtesy of AnythingDisney