Dani Vitale for XBOX Dance Central 2

Hey guys!As many of you know I am a professional dancer. When I was approached with this project for XBOX Dance Central 2, I’m not going to lie I was a little bit nervous! Virtual dance games intimidate me because I feel like everyone thinks dancers should be perfect at it hah so it’s a lot of pressure! When I got to set everyone was so awesome and excited to shoot! It was weird being the main focus rather than a dancer in the back. So it took me a minute to process that every thing I was saying and doing was being caught on tape. We did an interview, which I’ve never done before and then I played the game on an easier level so I didn’t look crazy. I remember after playing it a couple times I was sweating like I ran miles! (so excuse the frizzy hair and melting makeup lol) So I definitely got my work out in for the day working! I play the game ALL the time now! It’s so addicting!

Have you ever played Dance Central?