Britney You Are Supreme Like A Rainbow After Rain

In occasion of Britney’s engagement, I finally finished this video and I decided to upload it today, I don’t know if it is my last one for this year or there will be another one, because I’m really really busy, I’m studying for three exams and the time isn’t enough, then there are all Xmas holidays and I haven’t time to stay on my pc

So, the song is “Rainbow After Rain”, my fav song of the first album of my dear friend MaRina, an amazing Polish singer who finally realized her dream to record her first album, I’m so proud of her, and so I wanted to make a video with this awesome song, the first time I listened I thought to Britney, I think it reflects a lot her life and personality.

I put a lot of different clips in this video: from her past, her dark moments and her new life with Jason, I hope she can be finally happy with him and have a wonderful new life with him and her kids, I know how much she loves him and I won’t to see her sad ever!

I hope you like my new video and I hope you vote for me for Britney Video Awards on 2012 (BVA 2012)

Song: Rainbow After RainArtist: MaRinaAlbum: HardBeat

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