Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Era Is Over & Already Talking About Her Next One!

Yup… I went there. Already. Cause when Britney waves those magic hands, things happen. Amazing things. So let’s talk about it!

Unless there’s a fifth single (and lezbonis… Inside Out is Unusual You part II; we must accept defeat and move on… begrudgingly) the Femme Fatale era is over! It was packed with hot singles, a world-wide tour, awkward interviews, amazing photoshoots and strengthened the fanbase more than any era since her inception.

That’s nice and all, but this means it’s time to discuss the 8th album era! What would YOU like to see? Danja and Bloodshy & Avant as executive producers? David LaChapelle and Joseph Kahn as video directors? An Eminem collabo? Wade Robson as tour director? Album theme/vibe? Brunetteney?


Unless she does movies instead…

and also…

What will you miss the most about Femme Fatale Era and what your biggest disappointment about it?