Happy Birthday (creepy fan girl letter)

Dear, Paul Allen, Steve Prefontaine, Toby Jacobs, Angel Face, Harry Goldfarb, Junior, and where I initially fell in love with you as, Jordan Catalano. Happy Birthday!

You were born in Louisiana on December 26. Your nickname is J and you are 5’10’’. 5 inches taller than me, so when I have heels on our eyes meet perfectly.

You have a voice that brings tears to my eyes. When I was 2, you moved to LA to pursue your musical career and you starred in one of my favorite shows My So Called Life. The next couple years are the most memorable where you had supporting roles in both Girl interrupted and Fight Club. At the same time playing Paul Allen in the infamous American Psycho. Then my all time favorite movie ever, Requiem for a Dream, where I then became a fan of Darren Aronofsky as well. All movies, pretty controversial, you took risks and always came on top. Your resume goes on and on,dabbling in art, music, acting, singing, theatre and more. It might have been hard going through all the different looks, shapes, colors and sizes you have been through. You have been In the list of 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

As many girls idolize Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling,and Justin Timberlake, they don’t compare to you in my mind.

Thank you for constantly giving me phone and computer wallpapers, ringtones, and posters that make my boyfriends mad. I will forever yearn for you to know my name.

So on that creepy note, Happy Birthday Jared Leto