‘Amazing Spiderman’ Poster Is Not For Arachnophobes

If you’re uncomfortable with spiders, now would probably be the time to look away. Because the new Amazing Spiderman posters got a big one.

Or at least the shadow of a big one, being cast by Peter Parker. Or more specifically, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, doing everything a spider can. Well, okay, not everything, but he’s clinging to the walls in darkness, which is pretty cool.

Okay, wait. I’ve gotta point out one little thing. The tagline on this poster is “The Untold Story.”


The movie is based on the Spiderman comic series. Comics are stories told with words and pictures. So, um. By definition this story has already been told. I mean, unless you’re luring people in with promises of a Spiderman movie and then telling them the story of a lonely bear with a charming French accent who dreams of curling on a professional level. Betting that story hasn’t been told yet. But the one about the geeky kid who gets bitten by a radio-active spider and becomes a superhero? Yeah, that’s been told. A couple of times in several different mediums. So.

ANYWAY, you looking forward to the new Spiderman movie?