All-American Rejects Announce New Release Coming Soon

Pop rock foursome All-American Rejects announced today there is new music coming our way AND a new music video! It has been a few years since they have released any new material but in an interview months back front man Tyson Ritter promised 2012 would be, “the year of the Rejects”.

In a tweet today Ritter revealed new tunes are on the horizon!

Its happening! —we are going to shoot a video on Saturday for a song we love on our record, and put it out on Monday, you in? Me too

The new album is rumored to be ready to drop February 7th –– and the new video next Monday, December 5th.

I am very excited for new music from them but, The All-American rejects will always have my paper heart. And while we wait for Monday to roll around, enjoy this classic video for Swing, Swing.

Are you looking forward to new All-American Rejects music, or did you forget about them?