Ali Lohan’s Weight Rumors Are ‘Rubbish’: Do You Agree?

Since Ali Lohan’s big transformation in September, rumors have been running rampant that aspiring model Ali had plastic surgery done and that she has an eating disorder. Naturally, the Lohan family denies it: big sis Lindsay Lohan said that Ali “has never” had plastic surgery and Ali herself calls the rumors “stupid.” As for mama bird Dina Lohan, she has already denied anything was wrong with Ali, dismissing the cause of the transformation on a mere growth spurt.

Looks like she’s at it again! According to Us Weekly, Dina “doesn’t read any of the rubbish” that is being printed about her 17-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Ali has been seen recently on vacation with Lindsay looking as rail-thin as ever.

Rubbish… or truth? You decide:

In a recent interview with Page Six magazine, Ali maintains that “she’s always had a fast metabolism and is able to eat what she wants, from scrambled eggs with American cheese and hot sauce to Nutella.”

Please, someone get the girl a jar of Nutella… STAT!

Do you think that Ali Lohan’s weight rumors are bogus, or is there truth to them? Do you think she’s anorexic and needs help, or is it being blown out of proportion?