My 2011’s Review: Don’t Waste Your Time, You Only Live Once!

So, another year is almost gone! This is so weird how fast days are passed, it seems yesterday I was writing my 2010 review and here we are already greeting the end of 2011.

This year took me a lot of wonderful things and there have been also bad ones, but you know, this is the life, nothing could be perfect because we are human beings and joy and pain are part of us and make us feel as such. We grow up every day more and we learn new things from our mistakes and we haven’t to say: “I could to do this instead that” because we live once and we have to accept everything and we have to live every second of our life as the last one!

I have to say that I’m really thankful to my family, because without my parents I couldn’t stay here! They always has been beside me in those last years, we are closest than ever. I really love them and I can’t wait to spend other amazing time with them in the next year.

I’m really thankful also to my second family, Buzznet. You guys are simply wonderful and here I can feel me free to say everything with no problem and I have such awesome friends here and I hope to meet them in 2012, especially my sweet sis, Kat. She’s my doll and I will do all my best for meet her next summer! I promised her!

Buzznet took me a lot of joy, just this past January I have received my first Buzzy Award for my Tokio Hotel passion, and I became also a Buzzmaker and admin in Lost In Stereo group with the sweet Antigoni. I’m so glad to had to start my 2011 in this way.

This year I have been to three awesome concerts: on March in Florence I saw my Italian pearl, Alessandra Amoroso (and I also met again my sweet friend Laura); on October I had twice, both such important but I have to say one of them has a particular place in my heart, finally after 13 years, I saw Britney Spears with my eyes in Zurich, and the day before I had the pleasure to meet Felicia and Ashley at the hotel. It’s something I will never focus as reality, but it’s been damn real, I was there, in front row and I saw her! Can’t wait for the next one. On October I also saw for the first time one of my favs symphonic metal band, I’m talking about Within Temptation, I saw them in Milan and it’s been an awesome concert, as usual: front row!

You know how much I love music and so I already planned other three concerts (for now) for this 2012: on April I will be in Milan again for to see Nightwish for the second time; on May and on June I have two concerts here in my city, the first one of Biagio Antonacci, one of my fav Italian artists and the other one of Bruce Springsteen (even though I’m not so much addicted to his music, when such a great artist as Springsteen plays in your city at the stadium that is far 5 minutes from your house, you have to go, it’s something will can happen again!)… I hope to see again my 4 angels, Tokio Hotel, a lot of times because I miss them so much on stage and I wanna a new album soon for start 2012 in a great way! Fingers crossed xx

Always talking about music, Uni is going so well and I always more determinate and concentrated to my aim, and I can’t wait to do something of material working with someone in music area. Maybe I could be selfish or too much dreamer about this, but I really think if you believe in something you can realize your dreams, you have to work a lot and then everything will be paid back! I know what I can do and where I can arrive and I will do it, now nobody can’t stop me!

As I said before, near the wonderful things there are also the bad ones. I could never imagine to break up a friendship just the day when I knew that person, maybe our friendship always has been damn particular since the beginning that it had to finish in a particular way too. I’m talking about to who were my best friend, my sister and my everything: Antonella. I really never imagined our friendship could finish, because we were so closed and we shared everything, but you know, you can’t be so sure about something like this when arrives the moment you understand it can’t be a never ending friendship when you argue for every single stuff and first she says that I’m everything for her and we will be friends forever and then she says to have enough about friendship in the distance and it’s turned in a pain in the ass, completely changing her status: this is something you can repair. Even though our friendship ended 2 months ago, I will keep forever our best moments in my heart, we shared a lot of great stuff and sometimes I say to myself: “Why she doesn’t write me a message?” and then I come back to the reality and I answer to myself: “We broke up, Irene. We aren’t friends anymore!”. You know, after have spent the last three years together, talking and texting every day, you have to wait a bit before to enter in the view you will never do all these stuff together.

But luckily I can count to a lot of other people and in this case I’m sure they will never betray me! I’m talking about my friend Celine (my lil sis) and my doll Kat. I know Celine since June 2008 and she always has been sweet with me and help me with a lot of stuff; while I knew Kat, just here almost an year ago, in this wonderful place and she’s my older sis, my doll and my cutie pie. I love to talk and to share stuff with her and every time I need to pour out I know she is there for me and she always has the perfect word to say me! She made me open up my eyes about my friendship with Antonella and I owe a lot to Kat for this and for a lot of other stuff! Kat is so precious and she always makes me wonderful gifts and every time I cry a lot!

Celine the day of her 17th bday

One of my fav photos of my sweet doll Kat

Of course also other people stayed beside me in all this year and I’m glad to know them and I would like to thank them: Ben (for our talks about Britney and Tokio Hotel), Ruby (for to be every day more beautiful and for post such awesome shots), Tara (for to consider me as a Venetian princess), Yong Yi (for have chosen all my quotes for your AWESOME “Project.Inspire” and always have wonderful ideas for your posts), Lory (for our talks about life) and last but definitely not least, I wanna thank the wonderful Buzznet staff, in particular I have to spend a word more for Rich for have helped with a couple on stuff and have realized together a Tokio Hotel gallery for Bill and Tom’s birthday. You rock man!

I have a couple of projects in my mind for the next year and I hope you will love it. There will be a 365 project about random facts, what’s going on with me during the next year and stuff like that, something of sweet and simple with quotes or song lyrics and stuff like that; like this year there will be another Britney Spears: Out & About gallery, the 2010 ones had a lot of success, views, featured, buzzes and comments and I’m so happy about that, I will be sure to don’t forget Tokio Hotel news as usual and my monthly playlists in a different way to this year because I love to change.

This year has been really full but I don’t regret nothing, I’m really glad to all the things I received and all the things I gave. I have a lot of dreams for the next year and they will be a secret till when they don’t realize. I wish next year could be more quiet for the whole world: no wars, no injustices, no abuses and less hypocrisies, we should help each other instead to discuss about things too much big for us! We haven’t to waste our time in stuff like that. We have to love, we have to enjoy and to be in health!

Thanks so much for all your support here, for all your comments and all your views to my posts, this little things makes me feel glad.

I wish to everyone of you to have a great new year full of hopes, dreams, health and happiness

With love