Wow! South American Britney’s Fans Are Really Warm, One Of Them Recieved Brit’s Autograph Too!

Britney fans went nuts waiting for a glimpse of her through her window at the W Hotel in Santiago, Chile. Check out these vids of the crowd screaming for Brit. She even signed a fans napkin!

Here are a few shots of loyal fans camping outside the arena days before the show hits!

For this huge warmth, Britney changed a couple of location and added new dates for her South American Femme Fatale Tour, check out the dates HERE

PLUS: Femme Fatale Tour Out Yesterday and the Bluray version in less than 24h has been SOLD OUT in over 103 stores, for this reason gave the occasion to all the fans who hadn’t pre ordered the dvd yet to do it today without shipping costs! (even though there are a few of little mistakes)

Congratulations, Britney!

What do you think about Britney’s fans? Are you one of them? Which is the craziest thing you did for her?