Will.I.Am’s Album Is Super Trendy – Literally

Earlier today, Will.i.am announced that the title of his upcoming album is to be a hashtag. #OhDear So what’s he decided to call the album? Well, think of something cheesey and Twitter friendly with some relation to his name? #ProudOfWilly? No. He’s actually chosen #willpower. #groan

He’s clearly a fan of hashtags judging from his Twitter timeline but why has he decided to add a # to his album title?

Well back in September, BUZZNET’s Michele looked at the trend (pun intended) of “Song Titles Ready To Mark On Twitter” but since then the viral marketing technique has spread. But what do you think?

I still think it’s just a lazy way of gaining hype and I stand by the fact that if it’s not commenting on the Twitterverse, don’t reference it. Soon films, TV shows and just about everything will be adding the hashtag but maybe I’m just being a dinosaur.

What are your thoughts on #Hashtagging songs/albums/artists’ names?