William Beckett To Perform At the Snakes & Suits Holiday Show

Have you been pining since the break-up of The Academy Is…? Lounging on fainting couches and wondering how you’ll continue on without TAI… in your life?

Well, get off that couch. Because while TAI… hasn’t reunited, William Beckett is returning to the stage this December in Chicago.

Beckett will be performing an acoustic set as part of the 2nd Annual Acoustic Christmas presented by Snakes & Suits. Beckett’s been a longtime supportor of S&S, going so far as to have an ampersand tattooed on his wrist (and making it impossible for me to get my Amanda Palmer inspired ampersand tattoo without it looking like I’m a creepy WB fan…THANKS BILLIAM), the same ampersand Snakes and Suits use in their logo.

The show will be held at Reggie’s and will also feature Into It. Over It., Bonaventure and Jennifer Hall. Tickets are on sale now.

Anyone in the Chicago area thinking of attending?