‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ Sneak Peek: The Beginning of the End

With the second to the last Twilight movie a mere two weeks away from hitting theaters, Twilight fans worldwide are getting antsy with anticipation. Fear not Twilight fans: the folks at Summit Entertainment have not forgotten about you! They have just released a sneak peek featurette of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, “The Beginning of the End” as well as four brand-new TV spot clips to get fans amped up for the big day!

In the sneak peek featurette, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the highly anticipated wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and their big honeymoon night.

Bella really wants to have the full wedding night experience,” star Kristen Stewart teases in the clip.

Check out the full sneak peek and TV clips below:

The Beginning of the End


Love Forever

Epic Threat


Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters November 18th.

From Bella and Edward’s wedding to the werewolves fighting, what are you looking forward to seeing most in Breaking Dawn Part 1? Which clip was your favorite?