Tour Prep with Dead Letter Circus

From the Gold Coast they come! Aussie band Dead Letter Circus are set to tour the U.S. in December, kicking off in Mesa, AZ on the first. We asked vocalist Kim Benzie what he plans on taking, AND what he plans on leaving behind.

Take:1. Harrison Ford signature Bull Whip.2. GPS tracking device. Our guitarists have a habit of wandering off and getting lost in foreign cities. When I notice that glazed look in any of the their eyes, I like to feel assured that we have them bagged and tagged, and that we can triangulate their location at anytime should they go ‘walk about’.

3. Wookie mask4. ‘Off the grid’ assorted appliance chords. Whether it be an iPod, hard drive or a headphone extension cable. I always have a couple that don’t technically ‘exist’ in this dimension. They live in a secret compartment of my bag that can’t be seen with the naked eye, only ‘felt’ by me. Actual existence of said paraphernalia is purely hypothetical.

5 Koala repellant. What a lot of foreigners don’t know, is that these savage killers can actually be repelled with a special pheromone spray. We are firm believers that these deadly apex predators, not only plot and seek to invade other continents rich in natural non-renewable resources, but also hold key positions amongst the ruling corporate elite throughout the western world. Look to the trees.Don’t take:Toothpaste: much better to continually borrow off Tour manager.Unique underwear: always make sure you have the same jocks and socks as at least 2 other band members.Unlocked Iphone: because the shitty phone you buy abroad to ‘get by’, will make you appreciate telecommunication so much more after months of wanting to cut yourself every time you have to send an sms.Lipstick: every good clean honest male child is circumsized in Australia

Vegemite: that is some pretty horrible shit, and we try to avoid Aussie cliche’s at all costs.

Tour dates: