Top 10 Things on Buzznet

Halloween happened this week. There were photos of baby animals in response to someone being a mean head in a thread about bullying. More things happened on the internet and now you have this wonderful Top 10. Enjoy!

You know people hate your band when:

your band is named Nickleback

Simple Plan @ The Glass House in Pomona

om nom nom the Top 10 is delish

I know it’s over: Cool Stuff – Week 139

If Buzznet were people, it would be Bii, by Ranna 😀

Photo of the Week – Chantal Cheri


Susannah’s R is for Rings Photo Assignment results

Anne Rice says Lestat ‘feels sorry’ for Edward Cullen

Yup. Still looks like a foot.

Taylor Swift Nudes: No1 Currr


Kim Kardashian & What’s His Face Get Divorced

Twitter has a field day: #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage

How to Dress for Court: A Style Guide by LiLo

Keep it classy, girlfriend.

Fashion in Film Volume 6: Desperately Seeking Susan

Haaaay Jessi JaeThumbnail by NoelleTTFN, HOMIES.

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