Three For Free #5: Three Bands Giving Away ALBUMS For Free

So in all the Halloween hype I forgot Music Monday but it’s ok because I made today Tune Tuesday. Oh and this week you’re not just getting three free songs, or three artists with three free songs each but you’re actually being offered three free full lengths. So what will be offered next week? Three free entire discographies? Or maybe just a return to the original format because well, it’s quality over quantity (that’s not to say these releases aren’t worth a listen).

Three Blind Wolves

This Glaswegian quartet are about to bring their country/rock sound on tour in the US this month. So if they’re coming near you but you’re not too familiar with their music, why not check them out by downloading their acoustic eight-track “The Maybe Forest”. The story goes that the album was started because of a “bet between two friends” and “drinking in the pub on a Saturday”, nonetheless it’s a bargain for the price of absolutely nothing. Tommy Reilly can also be heard clapping on a track – you may remember him as the guy who won Orange’s Unsigned Act a few years back.

Official links: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD

David Ramirez

He describes his music as “folk brewed pop” and others have described it as “Soulful, stirring, heartbreaking” – sounds good right? Well you can check out his “brand of modern Americana” for yourself and get a taste of his touring shows by downloading “Live At The Cactus” recorded in his hometown of Austin, Texas. If you prefer your studio perfected sounds however you are still in luck as he also has an freebie EP available on his website – double the fun!

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD

Immortal Technique

Admittedly, my knowledge of rap music is pretty poor. Even as the walking talking enclycopedia of musical facts that I am, I suddenly go silent when conversation turns to rappers. However, as a Twitter creeper I noticed that Immortial Technique had dropped a “The Martyr” a few days ago – it’s a mix of previously unreleased material and bonuses. Over 260,000 people have downloaded it so it’s safe to say it’s already gained some hype.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD

Which is your favourite?

What free songs/EPs/albums have you stumbled upon recently?