This trick is awesome if you have to get ready in like 5 mins and want that angle look to look perfect fast. Makeup artists also use this trick if they have to get a lot of models ready quickly. Its also fun if you are just starting to get into makeup, makes the line super easy to do <3

1) Start with an eyeshadow base and all over base color. Line waterline (inside of near your eyeball) with eyeliner.

2) Place a piece of tape with the edge connecting the corner of your eyebrow and the corner of your eye. Use a darker shadow (I use black) and brush over the tape line towards the corner of your eye into the crease. You can do it as light or dramatic as you would like.

3) Remove the tape…it leaves a sharp perfect line <3

4) Follow that line with Liquid eyeliner. I start about half way to my eyebrow and draw it back in a thick to thin gradient towards the inner corner of my eye. You can do it as thick or as thin as you’d like, or not at all.

5) Add fake eyelashs (duh)

6) All done , super fast and easy finished look.

You can do this trick with any colors you’d like <3 Much loves xo