I Survived Versace for H&M

I got up at 4:00 AM to stand in line at Versace for H&M, because I definitely have a super busy social life that allowed me to go to bed at 9:00 PM the night before. Though waiting around for 3 1/2 hours was not the most pleasant experience, it was definitely interesting. So here’s a “live-blog” of my Versace for H&M ~~adventure~~ except not live!4:21 (not 4:20): In line. Surprisingly, there are only about 65 people ahead of me. Those at the front are huddled in sleeping bags and eating McDonald’s. I see an abundance of Ugg boots and sweatpants…?4:45: People are slowly trickling in. I hate being at the bottom half of the line.5:00: It’s so cold and I’m tired.5:15: H&M workers begin to arrive; pedestrians wonder why a bunch of hobo-looking people are lined up around the block. A group of security guards gets to work moving people away from the subway entrance. The head of the security guard team is wearing a beige trench coat, a fedora, and smoking a cigar.5:30: A lady in front of me is complaining to every security guard who will listen that two women cut the line. That is true, but she’s still annoying.5:45: H&M workers are wearing special leopard print shirts with the Versace for H&M logo. Thank god those aren’t actually part of the collection, or else I would probably just leave.6:00: A ton of boxes containing the Versace merchandise are being unpacked, and empty boxes are loaded onto a truck. There’s not enough room for all of them.6:15: People start to have to pee.6:30: A bunch of guys see the line and start yelling “LINING UP FOR H&M!!?!” and start laughing hysterically. w/e.6:45: The store manager comes out all smiles and waves to us, a posse of wristband-carrying workers at her heel. The third wheel has to wear a sign around her neck showing the wristband colors and their corresponding time slots. She doesn’t get to wear a leopard print shirt.7:00: Why are we not getting wristbands.7:15: Free coffee and mini-muffins are distributed.7:30: Wristbands!7:35: I’m in the third shopping bracket, assigned a time slot from 8:45 to 9:00!7:50: The line is moving, finally.

7:55: How did that guy get the men’s Stampa jacket so freaking quick?

8:00: Stampa Jacket Guy is hanging around his car with this Big Hulking Dude in a fur coat. His friends start coming out of the store, each toting multiple bags of merchandise. They’re clearly scalpers intending to sell the items on eBay later.

8:10: The scalpers speed away from the H&M in their obnoxious sports car.8:20: The second group goes in. A 20-year-old carrying a Chanel 2.5 bag attempts to weasel her way into the store with the excuse that she needs to buy a pair of socks for her cold, flat-clad feet. The security guards raise eyebrows and refuse so she replies, “seriously, I just need socks; I’ll give you the money for them.” The security guards close the doors.

8:35: I’m in! Mad rush for the escalator.8:40: Another line to wait in by the roped off area containing the women’s collection/shoppers.8:45: I’m in for real! Basically I make a beeline for the women’s Stampa jacket while my dad (thanx dad!) goes for the respective men’s. Unfortunately, the men’s is sold out, so I grab the women’s in two sizes as well as a pair of red palm-tree print jeans, and a studded top. The skirts are all way too big, and the accessories look kind of cheesy.8:50: Dressing room. The sizing is ridiculously small. I usually wear a size 0 or 2, but the jacket in an 8 ended up looking best. The jeans are nice, but I already have red Rag & Bone’s.9:00: Check out! Success: one Stampa jacket, and one studded top.

Did any of you guys wait for Versace for H&M? If so, which store did you go to, how long did you stand in line, and what did you get?