Style Profile: Sharon Den Adel

I thought to create this gallery for such a long time, but I think now it’s the time to upload it. I don’t know how many of you are Within Temptation fan, I’m one of them since 2004 and I’m proud to be it!

I decided to dedicated this gallery to Within Temptation’s vocalist: Sharon Den Adel (37 yrs old), an amazing Holland singer, a cute mother of three beautiful babies and a great fashion icon.

If you don’t know, Sharon before to become famous with Within Temptation was a stylist and a fashion designer, and she still draws her costumes and also the one for the whole band (his boyfriend is the guitarist of the band and father of her babies) but now it’s simply a hobby, first it was a real work but with the huge success of the band in 1996 it wasn’t impossible to work in both areas.

Once Sharon said that during a concert she had a problem with a zip of her dress and the band already played the intro of the song for three times, and then she went up on stage with the corset half opened even though she rocked as well whiping her hair back on forth with headbanging and in the end she explained to the crowd what’s happened and the reason of her late 😉

Her fav pieces are corsets, she loves to draw them and to wear them!

She literally launched a gothic style and she is such an inspiration for me!

Check out this gallery and tell me what do you think about her style and which is your fav!

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