Saturday Shopping

I just come back home from a Saturday shopping with my parents, I had to buy a couple of stuff, also for my bday, the weather here is still really good even though December is around a corner and I’m really happy it’s not damn cold yet!

Finally I found my bday outfit + shoes awww they are such awesome, I fell in love with them in the instant! Really love shoes, I really would like they could grow up on the trees, I think this quote has been said by Audrey, something like a year ago xp and I’m so agree with her!

As giveaway Tally Weijl (the store where I bought that cute outfit and the shoes) gave me a shopping bag, it’s really cool!

I also found COSMOPOLITAN UK with Jessie J on the cover. YAY! I bought up also my weekly magazine: BRAVO (German edition) and POPCORN (another German monthly magazine) where there’s a Britney poster *_*

And for this Saturday night: Valentine’s Day DVD, I watched it when it came out at the cinema and it was so cool, I know there will be another movie New Year’s Eve (realesed in USA on December 9th, and in Italy on December 23rd), can’t wait to watch this new movie too! ^_^

Plus: Evanescence’s new album, another little thing for Xmas for my lovely Kat and the first book of “The vampire diaries” saga, on Thursday it’s just finished the repeats of the first season, and damn! I want more! It’s such a catchy tv show, one of my favs ever I have to say: love the actors and the characters, how it’s been shot and all the rest, so now it’s time to read the books (when I will have time, because now I’m focused on university’s books .-.)

When we were coming back home with the car, on the seaside where we have our beautiful square, there were two huge cruise ships, one from Costa Crociere: Costa Victoria (we were on that cruise for two times), and the other one from MSC. It was such a beautiful sight! They were completly lit up! *_*

I decided to do a lunch at home for my bday on December 8th, with my sponsors at confirmation, with a cake made by me xp while on December 4th, my sponsor Matteo (who was born my same day) does a lunch at his home, with her wife and other their and our friends too!

Any plans for this Saturday night and for this weekend?

I hope you enjoy so much

Love xoxo