Do You Really Want To Look Like Her?

Do you really wanna look like her?

Have you ever realized how much the media pressures girls to be anorexic looking? Honestly. There’s the Barbie doll, whose body is unattainable and promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. And of course supermodels, who are paid to be super thin. And then in TV, the characters who are extrememly skinny and wear a lot of make-up are shown as being the more likeable characters.

Losing weight to be healthy is one thing, but losing weight to be skinny is not okay. This pressure from the media should not be allowed. When the majority of women are larger than a size 0, why are women who are practically the size of toothpicks dominating the runways?

And why are women who are normal, considered “fat”? I’m a size 6, and I’m completely proud of it. No matter what size you are, you should love yourself. Do not compare yourself to other people, especially these models. They aren’t real. They present an unattainable image to young girls.

Being anorexic is not hot. It is not sexy. It will not get you more guys. It will not get you more attention. You will not become a model. Your life will not turn out perfect.

It will, however, give you serious health problems. Get you the wrong kinds of attention. And it could kill you. Is looking like a model really worth dying over?

So listen ladies. It’s one thing to be petite, and it’s one thing to want to lose weight for health reasons. But to force yourself to stop eating and lose weight just to be like a model? It’s not right.

There is no such thing as someone who is “perfect”, because we are all different. We are all flawed. The media is trying to create this image that people like these supermodels are perfect. Please do not listen to these statements. These girls are unhealthy, not all of them, but most of them.

And some of these models are just naturally very skinny and tall. Remember that everyone has flaws. There is not such thing as perfection.

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