Real Life Style Inspiration: Violetta Ell

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Violetta E. She has been one of my favorite people to write about thus far because her fashion and style are truly inspiring. Let me tell you a bit about this grunge princess…Violetta is an amazing 23 year old blogger and photographer. She spends most of her time thrifting at secondhand shops and also frequents the online megastore The Cobra Shop (the brainchild of famed photographer Mark, The Cobrasnake). I found it quite interested, but not surprising to discover that she also designs and alters her own clothing. Her favorite color is maroon and her favorite shoes are a pair of Dr. Martens 1460 black boots. Her favorite book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson and if she could meet any famous person it would be Terry Richardson (I’m sure he would adore shooting her)! Violetta is always searching for new inspiration, but she currently is mostly inspired by 80’s and 90’s movies, so obviously we get along swimmingly.

Violetta and I recently teamed up with 3 other girls (fellow Buzzneter Bebe Zeva, previous Real Life Style Inspiration Chelsea Rea and Prague cutie Misha McKagan) to form a super crew of fashion, style and inspiration called The Fabulous Stains. With our common love of vintage, flea markets and thrift stores, we felt it appropriate to start our own online clothing store! We plan to fill it with all things 80s, 90s, grunge, goth, punk, hippie and even some DIY pieces. Clothing and accessories will be available to purchase online next week, so stay tuned!